Specialized support

For Carbonio mail server

What is Carbonio?

Carbonio® is a client-server collaborative e-mail platform for private on-premise installation. Its community version (free) includes e-mail, calendar, address book, drive, collaborative document editing, chat, video calls and mobile applications. The advanced version (Pro) also includes server management tools such as storage administration, backup, independent domain administration, ActiveSync synchronization, F2A and SAML authentication, as well as extended collaboration functions

Technical Support

We are dedicated to providing specialized technical support for Carbonio email servers. We have a team of experts in the field, which will ensure the optimal functioning of your server at all times. We offer support plans ranging from server installation, emergency care, migrations from Zimbra or other platforms, and support plans with SLA.

We are specialists

We specialize in providing technical support for Carbonio email servers. Our team of experts is dedicated to making sure that your servers are always running smoothly and that your users receive the support they need to do their jobs effectively. Whether you need help with initial setup, troubleshooting or performance optimization, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Why to choose us?

We are proud to offer a high quality technical support service. Our team of highly trained and certified specialists is dedicated to ensuring the proper functioning of your servers. In addition, we offer exceptional customer service to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. Some of the reasons our customers choose us are our expertise, commitment to quality, personalized attention and competitive pricing.

What we do?

We specialize in technical support, mainly developing the following activities:

  • On-premise or cloud server installation

  • Professional migration from Zimbra and other platforms

  • Integration with external Antispam & Antivirus

  • Delivery problems, domain in blacklist

  • Attention of emergencies that require the restoration of the service.

  • Design and implementation of backup and contingence scheme

  • Database recovery

  • Sale and installation of SSL certificates

  • Subscription support with SLAs for every need

  • Other customized services

Our technicians are constantly being trained in the solution in order to provide the most appropriate solution to each of our customers' needs.

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